Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Consumers lose 30% of broadband speed using home Wi-Fi

Just for my own reference really. Here is the article for the research firm that claimed that Wi-Fi connections caused a slowdown in users broadband connections.

Friday, 23 December 2011

A great deal at Logitech

I just wanted to inform everyone of a great deal at

Firstly I am not affiliated with them what so ever, I was simply in search of a new mouse as my MX revolution was on it's last legs (and by legs I mean the battery charging contacts). 

Firstly as soon as I got to the website I noticed they had a trade in recycling scheme (UK link) which when used gave you a purchasing discount of 20%! I signed straight up for this and went and put a reasonable priced mouse in my shopping basket.. 

Here is where it got really good, an e-chat window popped up and offered 5% discount before I put in my 20% off voucher and it also looks like Logitech are giving away free gifts as I had a M305 wireless mouse in my basket at no additional cost....

This got me thinking... 25% is a BIG discount and also with a free gift... it might be worth spending a bit more...Yes, I know I'm a bit of a sucker and they are probably about to release a new range but it does make sense for some good quality products and are going to be heavily used. 

So I ended up with the Logitech G Series Bundle G510 & G930 & G700 + a extra mouse for under £200. I think that's pretty awesome. I checked today and the free gift in my basket was some simple headphones but I think it changes daily. 

If my trusty old Creative Inspire GD580's weren't still doing the job I'd be digging out an old Logitech mouse to trade in for a discount on the Z906 speakers!

Reviews: review of the G510
Engadget review of the G700 & G930 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Poor Sony Ericsson support

Just had feedback from Sony Ericsson that they do not stock / supply spare ear buds for this device and I have to try and seek them out from a service centre if they have any left. That's pretty poor service seeing as though they still list the product in their current portfolio.. Especially as this is a £70+ product! 

Why did they not just make them with the same common buds as most other SE earphones.... Luckily I haven't actually lost any yet but I only have medium buds....

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A productive geeky day..

Ah finally a productive personal day.

Things have been really mounting up as of late!

Wrapped some Christmas presents, bought some more, replaced a hub with a switch in my network (hey it stilled worked OK!). On an interesting note, it was nice to see that the Xbox network cable is actually STP. Probably a good thing as well with all the power cables everywhere. I really need to do some cable management under my desk and bed (not they aren't the same).

I've also started pointing here as my old rubbish homepage didn't really need to be in the public domain and also I'm in the process of moving the domain from Talk Talk business which required a IPS tags change.

Interestingly enough my ADSL line has also been rock solid recently with a uptime of 23days! I was sadly quite impressed with that for the quality and distance of the line.

My next mini project I managed to get started on (again) is to overhaul my dad's website (Work in progress can be found at: from it's current incarnation found at:

Monday, 5 December 2011

Xbox Live cloud profiles!

Woo hoo, from tomorrow Xbox live is going to be updated to support cloud profiles, it's long been a bugbear of mine with having to remember to carry my USB pen-drive between mine and the girlfriends!