Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Check out this Kindle book.

Bit of promotion for my computer games lecturer from what I was studying at Essex Uni. 

He has a Kindle book out (well it's been out a while) which I just finished, it's a really good short read and cheap at 77p! It's called Lizzie Lot's Sovereign.

Here is the blurb:
Set in Victorian England on the eve of the Franco-Prussian war, 14-year-old Lizzie Lott is rescued from a life of grinding poverty by a stranger with unbelievably fast reactions who spins a story about a shadowy group of individuals with equally unusual gifts -- the Knights of Saint Judas. He drops Lizzie out of her depth into a world of espionage, excitement and intrigue -- all because she possesses an unnatural physical strength. Can she unravel a dastardly French plot before it destroys the monarchy?

Join Lizzie in her opening adventure, as she strives to become a Knight of Saint Judas herself.