Friday, 19 October 2012

Sky Broadband Sky Hub pictures and hands-on

I was part of the trial for this and find it a really good (free when you sign up) consumer product. The WiFi is definately better compared to the previous Sagem models.

So far I've changed the subnet, Secured the interface, Allowed remote connections (make sure you change the default password if you do!!!), forwarded a few services and reserved DHCP IP's. All of which are working fine.

No issues with any devices including an Onkyo Amp, Xbox, Wii, Macbook, Panasonic Blu-ray, Sky STB's and various switches (cheap and expensive).

It's a shame they didn't go for a gigabit Ethernet ports as more and more integrated devices in the home evolve but its not a massive deal. I just use one port into a gigabit Linksys cisco switch as home as I move a lot of files about between SSD's.