Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Next-Generation iPads Due in April, iPhone 5S in August?

Since my iPad was stolen I've been getting rather frustrated without a tablet and having to resist a re-purchase. Part of me wanted to go for something else like a Surface but I have rather a lot of app purchases I want to use. Also I've already ditched the iPhone for a Windows phone and i'm happy with that.

Also on that note, Apple, you really need a iTunes blocking service based on device serial numbers if someone comes to you with a police crime reference number. Kinda appalling that manufactures don't do this, they make enough money on replacement damaged units let alone people being robbed.

Anyway Carphone Warehouse in the UK have had some pretty good deals recently such as the 32GB wifi and 3G iPad for £100 cheaper than Apple. So it's been getting harder to resist.

So it's good to see some rumours which will make me wait a bit longer! Still not sure if I want an iPad mini though. I do like that they have finally slimmed down the edging as it never needed to be that thick! It did annoy me that the late 2012 full sized iPad got a better chip than the mini also.