Saturday, 9 March 2013

SimCity 2013 - Impressions

I've been waiting for this game for ages! Even happy to look past all the faults (of which there are a fair few). I've put in 15+ hours and enjoyed all of it. I am however starting to see where the regional limitations are. It's a great idea in theory, having regional cities provide to each other but I can see how this matrix of interconnected cities could soon get out of hand. 

Sadly this is what I think they have 'fixed' in order to keep the service going. Kinda of annoying when you gear one city up to provide the others with water supply (It had a river so the water table wouldn't keep going dry) or when your mega police / fire station doesn't send units its volunteered to the neighbouring cities.  Still as a single city game it does work well with a constant challenge. I keep wanted to go back for more so it's still got that old SimCity feel! 

Here are some pics: