Wednesday, 10 April 2013


So the Android only game I've been playing recently is starting to become strangely addictive.

At first I didn't get it, I couldn't see what the staying power was or what I was getting out of it but I gave it a chance.

Basically its a real world GPS capture the flag type game against other users. There are two factions, the enlightened and the resistance with a whole backstory to read through if you so wish. Each faction tries to outdo the other by attacking portals the enemy controls whilst protecting their own. These change hands frequently as various level players outdo each other or teams work against the other faction.

Portals can be anything of note in an area and are user submitted and verified. So you'll learn about an area at the same time with tombs, statues, buildings, parks etc.

This has lead to me go round parts of London I would never typically visit (even close to my normal travels).

This is what starts to make it fun, also the fact that it gets you out and about is nice when your stuck in the office all day. With a map it's not so easy to get lost as you plan your routes....

You start planning your lunch time walks on looking for places to plant resonator (the build the portals effective strength), or attacking the opposition. While in a stationary location you can also remotely recharge portals you've gained 'keys' to whilst you still have 'mana' / xmp.

To request an invite and join the fight:
(I'm with the resistance (Blue))