Saturday, 25 May 2013

Holiday preparations - The battery pack.

I'm off to Bodrum ,Turkey this summer. 

So I don't intend on using my data plan much if at all as Vodafone UK leaves Turkey out of its Vodafone passport international roaming. This leans i'd had to take out a small loan in order to use it. My advise to anyone in the same situation. Get a 30 day Three sim and use their roaming service which covers Turkey...Not cheap but you'll likely spend around £60 on average with a good amount of usage. 

Aside from the roaming issues. The next battle is battery. I think I'll end up taking the Lumia 920 (coming back from Nokia for the 2nd time as I've stopped sending it to Phones4u) & the Samsung Galaxy S4. 

Here maps is supposed to be good offline so we'll see vs Google maps.

Because of this I have invested in a battery pack as I was impressed with my old Iphone 4s battery case pack. This one has 12000mAh so should last the distance for a few days.. It also has a flash-light that may be handy at night. 

Link to purchase on Amazon: