Monday, 10 June 2013

WWDC Preview: iOS 7, iRadio and Mac OS X 10.9

So this is going to be an interesting Apple Word wide developers conference. I'm most looking forward to seeing what they do with OS X. I have a lot of love for Windows 8, but in recent time OS X has become my main OS. Anyone who's become familiar with double tapping the fn key and talking away instead of typing anyone will know what I mean.

If they were to go with a radical change, we might see some merging of iOS or new features / layouts indicating we'll soon be getting touch screen displays on Macs.

I'm not sure Apple will have figured out the strategy on this yet though. They are gaining further market share and gamers are actually getting a good deal these days with the likes of Steamplay on Steam. Unless you count EA and SimCity....

iOS 7 will keep the iDevice users happy for a while but more importantly you'll have quicker access to settings and be able to edit the layouts from the rumours.

iRadio... Not massively fussed. Not really a fan of iTunes but it might be worrying a few other streaming services.