Thursday, 25 July 2013

TalkTalk announce their results. Still not great in my opinion.

Currently making a meal of my parents Business FTTC install (If it was residential it would have gone on Sky).

The PSTN had FeatureLine on it (gets you an incompatible product when you place a fibre order) so they took the line to WLR3 first and then are moving it to MFP LLU before FTTC. Their correspondence is awful and confusing for customers not in the know. All it needs is one letter explaining this, instead they send multiple as if you've signed up to each service separately confusing the hell out of the purchaser as to what they've actually bough. One person asked me to start going through the order again when it was already over on WLR3 (cutting off the internet which had been SMPF with them and not making them aware of the longer downtime than initially planned)!  

The only plus side is they are cheaper that BT infinity for unlimited usage wtih a static IP. 

Link to announcement via