Friday, 23 August 2013

Rasp Pi adventures with Smokeping!

So I got a bit side tracked from my ICND2 studying tonight. I need a larger SD card for my Raspberry Pi but I set it up with a 2GB card regardless.

I then wanted to try smokeping which is a tool I haven't used in a while.

After a quick format of the SD card and then using Win 32 disk imager . I slotted the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and plugged in the power.

Next, as I was using the Pi without a monitor or keyboard I had to SSH into it which it is already setup for luckily with Raspbian.

Loaded up Putty and checked my routers GUI page for attached devices (typically on home routers). A nice touch is the Pi presents its hostname as 'raspberrypi' so I didn't need a OUI checker to check all the MACs until I found the Pi.

Once I found the IP I put that into Putty and got a login challenge. By default the username is 'pi' and the passsword is 'raspberry'. As soon as your in I recommend using the 'passwd' command to change the 'pi' usernames password!

Next, it doesn't have a hardware clock. So check the date with.... 'date'.


Sudo apt-get update - updates the Pi's librarys 

Sudo apt-get upgrade - upgrades any software that needs it. 

sudo apt-get smokeping   - Downloads the Smokeping repositories

From here you basically change directory using:

cd /etc/smokeping/config.d

I had to comment out a line using 'sudo nano /etc/smokeping/config.d/pathnames' as the installer complained about sendmail. 

Then you just need to use 'sudo nano' again with the target and Probe files to get your desired effects. 

I'll go into more detail another time but right now i'm a bit tired! 

End result (Also long as I haven't turn it off / broken the firewall / port forwarding):