Monday, 9 September 2013

Xbox music trying to rival Spotify, goes multi platform

It's coming to Android and iOS so it looks like Microsoft are actually pushing this platform properly!

Pricing is slightly cheaper than Spotify's premium service in the UK which nice. The web player needs a few more social features for people who like that sort of thing.

Xbox Music is Microsoft's music streaming service. Until now, it's been limited to Microsoft's own hardware—Windows PCs, Xbox 360s and Windows Phones. Starting today, that's finally changing: Xbox Music is coming to iOS, Android and web browsers. P
Xbox Music is similar to Spotify and Rdio in a lot of ways: If you pay a monthly subscription, you can stream unlimited ad-free music, stream on your phone on the go, and download songs for offline play on your devices. You can also stream music without paying a subscription fee, though you'll have to listen to ads, and after six months the service will put a cap put on how many free songs you can stream per month. 

Update: Popped on some decent headphones and gave the service. Sounds good. Clean interface. I actually really like it if I have a specific desire in mind. The explorer section is a bit basic. This is only the web version though so the apps might be a different story. All in all I like what I see so far and the initial unlimited free usage will go down well with a lot of people I don't doubt.