Saturday, 28 December 2013

Been on a bit of a gaming binge today so have been neglecting and this blog a little. CS:GO, Rome 2: Total War and Bioshock: Infinite if your curious.

I can across a rather unusual bug in Bioshock: Infinite though. All keys in game would work apart from the WASD & arrow keys. As you can imagine this makes the game pretty much impossible to play.

The answer was found on the link below:


I have solved this problem. It was being caused by the 'synergy' service that was running on my computer. Synergy itself wasn't running, but the service was (it starts automatically if you install synergy as a service). You can actually reproduce the bug live while the game is running - stop the synergy service and the keys start working immediately, start the service and the keys stop working immediately. Bizarre.

I think I've've blogged about Synergy before, its a great tool but it can be buggy as well. Still, can't complain for a free application!