Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Devolo DLAN av200 powerline adapters

So I inherited some Powerline adapters from some tenants that moved out. Probably because the small one made a worrying humming sound when plugged in. That got thrown and and Ethernet cable was run to where I wanted to use the main adapter. I wanted wireless coverage for the garden given that summer is getting closer and it works perfectly. 

A quick firmware upgrade and config and it was dead simple. There is a shorter character limit on the SSID as I couldn't put the main homes wifi SSID in but apart from that I was impressed. 

It replaced our Netgear N2200 that I was trying to get working as a wireless hotspot on the end on an ethernet cable but it was causing either DCHP or routing issues when setup correctly (i.e. DHCP disabled and a static route to the gateway).