Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Amazon to form a ISP in Europe / UK?

Keen to wholesale eh?

Wouldn't seem logical to go with Sky as they are a direct competitor in the OTT market. BT? Maybe as they are mostly sport on the OTT side.

TalkTalk have been in the wholesale game a long while so would be a good bet. Especially as they try to sure up dwindling consumer numbers.

Vodafone are more recently back in the fixed line market game with a OTT offering as well. Maybe a deal to be had there as well.

Basically it's a crowded market to enter in the UK but if anyone could do it, Amazon can! Wouldn't be great news for the likes of smaller ISP's such as John Lewis in that space. Amazon has deals with the likes of Morrisons where it could get some marketing across as well.